This two million pound floating restaurant is s replica of one of the largest and longest operating dredges in Breckenridge.  It was the last dredge operating and stopped forever in this pond in 1942.  Its remains are entombed in the silt below us right now.

     In 1933, stating near Watson Avenue, The Dredge slowly moved through Breckenridge, operating continuously night and day until the end of 1935.  Without profits to keep it alive,  The Dredge lay idle.  With no maintenance and care, it sank in November of 1937.  In 1939 The Dredge was again resurrected by the lure of gold and eastern financiers and was renamed Blue River No. 1.  It began churning from its sunken location near Washington Avenue and it landed i its final location- here!  Later, it was partially dismantled with the last of its remains sinking in 1966.

Bar 4pm-Midnight or later
Dinner 5:30pm -9pm
     Downstairs Dining Room
Happy Hour in the Bar 4pm -6pm
     Half Price Appitetizers, $1 off Well Cocktails, Drafts, and Glasses of Wine
Late Night Bar Food & Drink Specials 9pm-11pm in Bar
     Bar Food Specials and $1 off Well Cocktails, Drafts, and Glasses of Wine

Reservations recommended.